With thirty years of experience and a consistent ranking in the top percentile of Realtors in McHenry County, Nely Piper is dedicated to bringing all of her knowledge and expertise to her clients.

 For Buyers

Nely understands that your home is probably one of the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime. She is dedicated to making your experience as stress free, informative, and pleasurable as possible.

Whether you area first time buyer or an experienced investor, Nely will guide you through the entire process, from viewing to closing:

What you can expect:

  • With her extensive knowledge of the housing inventory in McHenry County, Nely will never waste your time showing inferior properties. You will have full access to all homes available in the McHenry market, even listings not yet featured on the multiple listing service.
  • With almost thirty years of experience Nely knows which areas have held their value, stagnated, or have increased in price over the years, thus ensuring she can guide you to make the best long term decision in purchasing property.
  • Nely has an-in depth knowledge of real estate finance and options and can recommend the best resources for your individual needs.
  • Nely has a thorough comprehension of contracts, real estate law, and terminology. She will guide you through the entire contractual process, explaining every clause and what it means to you as a home buyer.
  • With her dedicated and ethical network of professionals, Nely will recommend the finest attorneys, home inspectors, movers, and other top professionals who will help you to adjust to your new home.
  • Nely is a superb negotiator who can anticipate the multiple consequences linked to any decision and advise you accordingly. Her calm and friendly personality, along with her ability to build relationships with other Realtors, has ensured successful outcomes for her clients time and time again.
  • Nely will recommend the best home inspectors who will offer a detailed report on the home you have made an offer on, so that you can make the best decisions possible during the purchasing process.
  • Nely will explain all of the closing costs you will need to anticipate prior to the closing.
  • Nely will accompany you to your closing.

For Sellers: 

  • Nely will create a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) complete with graphs and photographs comparing your home to other homes most like yours within your neighborhood, thus ensuring the most accurate pricing.
  • Nely will walk you through your home and advise you how to best arrange it for photographs and showings. She will also hire professional stagers when necessary to ensure your home will be shown to its best advantage.
  • Nely majored in art and photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She will use her expertise to create superb photographs showcasing your home for the Internet and collateral marketing materials.
  • Nely will create a unique and individualized marketing strategy for your home, consulting you during the entire process.
  • Nely will explain all the disclosures necessary before placing your home on the market and guide you through the paper work before you sign any documentation.
  • Nely’s marking efforts go beyond the norm to direct mailings to the entire postal code in your area.
  • Nely will hold open houses and Broker’s opens, introducing your home to prospective buyers and their agents, and follow up with feedback every step of the way.
  • Nely will make certain all buyers making offers on your home have been appropriately qualified on the basis of their purchasing power.
  • Nely will explain the entire contract to purchase and what all the clauses mean.
  • Nely will recommend the most qualified and ethical attorneys to represent your interests.
  • With your best interests foremost in mind, Nely will advise you every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome during your negotiation.
  • Nely will explain all the closing costs you can anticipate, and accompany you to your closing.

Communities Nely serves:

McHenry, Lake and northern Cook Counties

Industry Awards:

Ranked in the top 1% of brokers in 2016, and a member of The Presidents Club, Nely has had a consistently high ranking ranging from 1st to the 10th percentile In McHenry during her twenty-nine year career.


Nely has a Broker’s designation, bringing the most extensive knowledge available to all her transactions.

Additionally, Nely is a short-sale expert, and holds the coveted e-PRO designation, which certifies Realtors in the use of the latest on-line and marketing technologies. Nely also holds the SRES designation, which certifies Realtors in understanding the unique needs of senior citizens through the major financial and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating, refinancing, or selling their homes.