The Dining Room

Lately house stagers have been recommending that sellers stage their dining rooms by setting the table as if they were going to have a dinner party.

I think this will look silly, particularly if your home is being shown during the week and during daylight hours. Although most people coming through your home will probably be nice, I would recommend locking up your Great-grandmother’s silverware, nevertheless.

Once you’ve painted, cleared clutter, cleaned the cushions or upholstery on your dining room chairs, you need to make a little used room appealing to buyers.

How to do this economically? We have spoken of the power of plants, ambient lighting, and subtle scents in previous posts. Now you must ratchet everything up a bit. The best way to this is to group your art on one wall instead of dispersing it throughout the house. Do an Internet search to see how to group art in ways that will create visual interest.

The second method is to group some of your crystal, candlesticks, or pottery collections in the center of the table. If your table is rectangular or oval, you can use a beautiful runner down the center, as well. If you don’t really have anything collectible, fresh or silk flowers in a pretty colored vase will always work.

If you have a round table, you are really in luck. You can create wunderkammer style collections around an elevated centerpiece, be it a bust, a vase, or urn with sculptural branches, flowers, or a plant. Group books at different heights around it, add pretty painted boxes, small bronzes or cloisonné pieces. Don’t overdo or use too many tiny pieces to avoid a cluttered feel.

Alternatively, blue and white Chinese style vases of several heights and varying shapes work nicely on any shape table, and they can be picked up very inexpensively at many discount accessory stores. Baskets or bowls of fruit, pretty linens, seashells, crystal, small paintings or framed non-personal photos, and ceramics all work well in creating ambiance.

If you think you are not creative and don’t know what to do, go on Pinterest and search for Tableau or Tablescapes, there are many examples that would fit your decorating scheme and collections. It’s easy to put together once you have gotten ideas of what others have done.

If you have a china cabinet, thin it out, or if it can hold books, arrange some hardbacks, minus their dust jackets, along with your best pieces. The same will work for built in shelving.

Do you love minimalism or live in a small condo? A beautiful glass or crystal bowl can perk up your dining space instantaneously.

Once again, experiment, then take photos to see what works and what does not. It takes minutes to change arrangements and buyers who have difficulty looking past décor to the bones of your house will love your dining space.

In the next post, we’ll look at bedrooms.


Guest post by Lily Temmer

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